The following sections provide an introduction to the main procedures in relation to Import, Export and International Trade.

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Welcome to the Ghana Integrated Cargo Clearance System (GICCS) platform. GICCS is Ghana's Single Window portal that houses the Manifest, Declaration and Logistics module in the goods clearance chain.
The main modules in GICCS include:
Manifest submission and payment related processing.
Declaration submission, validations, notifications and payment related processing.
Logistics module has Cargo Tracking, Container transfer, Delivery Order Submission and Tracking features.
The Manifest module allows for the lodgement of Cargo manifest for Customs purposes and its subsequent approval. Freight Forwarders use this module for the lodgement of consolidated cargo. The module also caters of the amendment of cargo manifest by parties and its approval by Customs.
The Declaration module allows for online submission of Customs declarations 24/7 by registered Declarants to Customs.
GICCS improves the visibility of cargo status to commercial users of the system & the trading community as it provide cargo tracking capabilities (including RFID tags on containers) which will enable the users (importer, port authority & inland container terminals) to have accurate information of movement of container and delivery order.
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